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Project Management

Gitness projects contain your repositories and pipelines. They represent organizational divisions, such as products or teams, and Gitness provides granular user access controls at the project level.

Create a project

  1. If this is your first project, select New Project from your Gitness home page.

    Otherwise, from your Gitness home page, select Select project, and then select New Project.

  2. Enter a project Name and optional Description.

  3. Select Create Project.

Import a project

Gitness supports importing projects from external sources such as GitLab groups and GitHub organizations.

  1. If this is your first project, expand the dropdown next to New Project from your Gitness home page, then select Import Project.

    If you are adding a project, select Select project from your Gitness home page, expand the dropdown next to New Project, then select Import Project.

  2. Select your Git Provider and optionally enter the Host URL if required.

  3. Provide your authorization credentials to access your group or organization.

    For Password/Token, provide a token with permission to access the group or organization.

    To import a Bitbucket Server project, your token must have project and repository "Read" permissions.

    For more information, refer to Bitbucket Server's Personal access tokens documentation.
  4. Select Next step.

  5. Enter the Name of the group or organization that you want to import.

  6. For What to import, you can select Pipelines if you want Gitness to import pipelines from your repositories.

  7. Enter the Project name that you want the group or organization to have in Gitness. The Description is optional.

  8. Select Import Project.

Edit or delete a project

You can delete projects and edit project names and descriptions from the Settings page in your project.


Deleting a project permanently removes the project and all contents, including repositories.

This can't be undone.

Switch projects

To switch projects, you can either select a project from the project drawer on the navigation menu, or go to your Gitness home page and select Select project.

Select a project from the navigation menu.

Project members

Administrators and project owners can manage users who are members of the project and their roles.

  1. In your project, select Members, and then select Add Member.
  2. Select a user from the dropdown.
  3. Assign a Role to the user.
  4. Select Add member to this Project.

Project roles

Each project member is assigned a particular role. The following table summarizes the roles and access levels.

OwnerCreate, Edit, DeleteAdd, RemoveCreate, Edit, DeleteCreate, Edit, DeleteCreate, Edit, Execute, Delete
ContributorView accessView accessPush accessView accessEdit YAML
ExecutorView accessView accessView status check reportView accessExecute
ReaderView accessView accessRead onlyView accessRead only